Conference Presentations

For copies of any Conference presentations please contact info@rmaa.co.za

Conference 2018:

  • RMAA Conference Opening speaker – Professor Mohammad Karaan
  • South Africa: Prospects for a Country in Economic Trouble – Prof Jannie Rossouw; Professor of Economics and Head: School of Economic and Business Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand
  • Balancing the South African Meat Market with Import & Export – Georg Southey; Association of Meat Importers and Exporters – AMIE S.A.
  • Managing Abattoir Waste; Existential Threat or Business Opportunity? – Morten Hald; Senior Trade Officer: Royal Embassy of Denmark, Pretoria
  • Responsibilities of the abattoir owner in skills development at abattoirs – Frikkie Fouché; Acting CEO: AgriSETA
  • The occurrence and management of microbiological risks during the conversion of livestock to meat; an update of current research – Prof Pieter Gouws; Vice Dean / Professor: Food Science Faculty of AgriSciences, Stellenbosch University
  • Effective Cleaning at abattoirs to combat emerging pathogens and avoid product contamination – Elisma Ackermann PhD candidate, Stellenbosch University
  • Emerging pathogens and the consumer: Managing public health concerns – Bruce Clark; Lawyer: Marler Clark – The Food Safety Law Firm [Seattle, Washington]

Conference 2017:

  • Opening speaker: Dr Dirk Troskie; Director: Business Planning and Strategy
  • Politics as a risk factor in Agriculture—Theo Venter; North-West University
  • Modernising Meat Safety in South African Meat Industry; New thinking on old practices—Dr Leon Bekker; Tshwane University of Technology
  • A review of aspects relating to the consistent eating quality of beef; The interaction of abattoir procedures with pre-slaughter conditions—Dr Phillip Strydom (PhD) Research Team Manager; Meat Science, Animal Production Institute ARC
  • Antibiotic stewardship – Global trends and international expectations; The responsibilities of food animal producers—Prof. Moritz van Vuuren; University of Pretoria
  • Planning method for abattoirs and meat processing plants; Advantages of planning by Lissner – Dennis Lissner; Lißner Engineers+Architects in Germany
  • Best welfare practices in the abattoir—Dr Antonio Velarde; Head of the Animal Welfare Subprogram in IRTA (Institute for Food and Agricultural Research and Technology-Spain
  • New Zealand Abattoirs – A discussion on how to maximise your export standards and shelf
    life—Michael J Nidd, Mina Slaughterhouse design
  • Obstacles and Opportunities in the Export market—Dr Marthiens Wolhuter, Deputy Director: Export Control, Western Cape Province

Conference 2016:

  • Challenges of the Red Meat Industry amidst the severe drought – Prospects for 2017 – Prof. Johan Willemse, Natural and Agricultural Sciences Faculty, University of Free State
  • Water saving and blood treatment technology at abattoirs. Grey water application for selected abattoir operations — John Morrel and Heiner Dominick, Rhino Group in association with Blue Planet SA
  • The current contributors to bacterial contamination in slaughter stock – Preventative measures for improved product safety — Dr. Evelyn Madoroba, ARC OVI
  • Animal Health Status in South Africa; Reference to trade sensitive and erosion diseases — Dr. Hannes Pienaar
  • International background to Animal Welfare and legislation — Animal Welfare Dr Moetapele Letshwenyo OIE
  • Challenges and solutions in the improvement of the linespeed of beef and sheep abattoirs —Jarvis
  • Equipment maintenance – an essential operational and cost saving measure for the abattoir industry — Jarvis
  • Capita Investment and Operational Cost of an Abattoir—Michael Barbosa SCIP Engineering

Conference 2015:

  • Prospects for economic environment in secondary agriculture: Challenges for the red meat industry. – Prof. Mohammad Karaan, Dean of Agrisciences at the University of Stellenbosch
  • The future of the agriculture industry with prospects for energy and water in South Africa. – Prof. Kobus van der Walt from the North-West University
  • Legal responsibilities for abattoir owners on residue monitoring: Good Agricultural Practises related to the meat industry – Thomas Smith Swift Silliker Merieux Nutrisciences
  • A consumer perspective on red meat; Legislative changes to red meat labelling – Hester Vermeulen Consumer economist BFAP
  • Feedback on the latest international research regarding animal welfare and the influence of animal handling on the quality of meat. – Prof. Louw Hoffman of the University of Stellenbosch
  • New developments in cleaning of slaughtering and deboning areas – PHT
  • Improved practises in Abattoir design & equipment in European abattoirs: Why CO2 stunning in pigs remain the preferred method from a welfare point of view – MPS Dennis Janssen
  • By-product sterilization methods approved approved by European law; A mind-set change in the preparation and use of animal by-products — Haarslev Steve Ripley & Sven Harder

AGM 2015:

  • Agricultural Products Standards Act – Meat Classification Regulations – Niel Erasmus
  • Feedback: DAFF and Animal Health – Dr Tembile Songabe
  • Feedback: RMIF – Michelle de Lange
  • Feedback: CapEPRAC
  • Watersuiweringopsies by abattoirs; Projekterugvoer / Water purification at Abattoirs; Project Feedback – Charles Fourie Eco Sat
  • Annual report; Training & Support Services – Mariana du Toit, RMAA 

Congress 2014:

  • Applying the principles of the OIE Terrestrial Code and SPS agreement for import and export requirements with specific reference to trade sensitive diseases in Southern Africa – Gideon Bruckner
  • Norms & standards of waste management: Changes in Legislation of the management of abattoir by-products – Louise-Marie van Zyl
  • Value adding of the fifth quarter. A review of the international experience, products and equipment – PHT
  • The yield vs quality conundrum in beef production – Phillip Strydom
  • The future of the economy and agriculture – Roelof Botha
  • Revision of Natsurv 7 – Waste water management at abattoirs – Jerrard Muller
  • Blood processing, alkaline hydrolysis & further processing – Piet Kruger, WRT
  • Implementation of biogas as an alternative for by-products management (option for smaller plants) – Otto Hager, iBert

AGM 2014:

  • Changes to Meat Classification Regulations (including brine injection) – Theo Meintjies, DTI
  • Feedback: DAFF – Dr Tembile Songabe
  • Feedback: RMIF – Michelle de Lange
  • Feedback: IMQAS – Dr Tertius Bergh
  • Feedback: SAMIC – Rudi van der Westhuizen
  • Marketing plan for Karoo lamb – Prof Johann Kirsten
  • Annual report: Training – Mr Neels Nell, RMAA
  • Annual report: Support Services – Mariana du Toit, RMAA 

Conference 2013:

  • FMD in Southern Africa: Current status, actions and options – commodity based trading – Gavin Thomson
  • The responsible use of antibiotics and residues: Health Declarations – Dr Chris van Dijk, Zoetis
  • Results and challenges regarding the National Residue Monitoring Programme – Dr Moroe-Rulashe, Dept of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
  • The importance of identification and traceability in the abattoir industry – Rachelle Cloete, GMP Traceability
  • Waste Management: The nutrient recycling project with fly larvae – Dr Elsje Pieterse
  • New thinking on the influence of abattoir processes on meat quality – Prof Eddie Webb, University of Pretoria
  • The eating quality of pork produced under intensive agricultural systems – Dr Pieter Grimbeek
  • New trends in food safety certification: A background to ISO22000 – Thea Laufs, LTL Consultants
  • Department of Health regulations and control regarding meat safety and the labeling of meat products – Mr Malose Daniel Matlala, Dept of Health
  • The Consumer and Food law – Janusz Luterek, Hahn & Hahn Attorneys
  • Economic overview of, and forecast for the meat industry – Ernst Janovsky
  • Farming in an era of high wages – Prof Nick Vink 
  • Final framework for a meat inspection service in SA

 Congress 2012:

  • Final framework for a meat inspection service in SA
  • National Abattoir Rating Scheme
  • RMAA Financial – Lloyd Viljoen
  • Annual Report: Training and Support Services 2012
  • Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries – Dr Tembile Songabe
  • Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF)
  • IMQAS – Louis Visagie
  • SAMIC – Levy Workshop