Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

South Africans have reason to be proud of their achievements over the past 18 years. Dating from the election in April 1994, in which our country chose democracy as its badge and a rainbow as its symbol, our people have set aside their previous divisions and wholeheartedly embraced one another, united in a shared vision for national progress on an increasingly competitive international stage. Remarkably, the country has managed to achieve and sustain impressive economic growth. Through targeted government programmes, the following milestones have been achieved:
  • Poverty has been significantly reduced in terms of income, access to social services and assets;
  • Over 12 million people have benefited from government’s social security assistance programme;
  • The number of people with access to electricity and water services has dramatically increased;
  • More than three million South Africans have been assisted through housing subsidies;
  • Almost 10 million South Africans now have a place they can call home; and
  • More than half of all households are headed by women.
There are, however, some significant challenges still facing our country. Progress in urban areas stands in stark contrast to the often extreme levels of poverty many South Africans in rural areas still endure. Social deprivation and underdevelopment continues to haunt too many rural areas. For nearly half a century, the heartless apartheid regime viewed the inhabitants of black rural areas simply as labour reserves, unworthy of development efforts, whereas the post 1994 development paradigm was premised on the assumption that urban development would inevitably cascade to the rural periphery. Consequently, for years rural South Africa saw very little development. This eventually subjected social systems and economic and infrastructural developments to enormous strain as, seeking a better future, many moved from rural areas to cities. South Africa’s cities have benefited greatly from projects that developed and improved infrastructure and social services. Yet, the same projects placed these areas under the increasing strain of over-urbanisation. Clearly, the development paradigm of the past 18 years, with its emphasis on urban development, in the expectation that this medicine would also heal ailing rural areas, did not do so, and did not produce the economic impact our socio-engineers had envisaged. Against this background, government reiterated that the fight against poverty remained the most important fight on its agenda. In this spirit, a need for a new economic and developmental trajectory was identified as an urgent priority, and with this objective government identified five strategic areas as priorities over the next five years.
  • These areas are:
  • The creation of decent work and sustainable livelihoods
  • Education
  • Health
  • Rural development, food security and land reform
  • The fight against crime and corruption.
It was recognised afresh that the social and economic transformation of South Africa would be incomplete without the implementation of fundamental interventions to address the challenges faced daily by the majority of people in rural areas. These challenges include limited economic activity, inadequate infrastructure, widespread poverty, high unemployment and unmarketable skills levels. The Ministry of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) was created in 2009, in line with the Polokwane resolutions. For the first time in its history, the country would have a ministry dedicated to the social and economic development of rural South Africa; committed to ensuring that South Africans residing in rural areas enjoyed the same benefits as their urban cousins, so that that they too were covered by the blanket of human rights and basic dignity guaranteed in our Constitution. Following its establishment, the new ministry immediately embarked on an intensive process to define and conceptualise what rural development should be, and to provide a framework of how it should be implemented. Government’s plan for developing rural areas, the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP) is aimed specifically at curing the blight of poverty by the creation of vibrant, equitable and sustainable rural communities. To achieve its vision, the new department defined its role and mission as being that of facilitating integrated development and social cohesion through partnerships with all sectors of society. The most important strategy the department pursues to deliver on the CRDP’s strategic objectives is, Agrarian Transformation. Objectives of the agrarian transformation strategy include (but are not limited to):
  • Social mobilisation to enable rural communities to take initiatives;
  • Sustainable settlements (access to basic services and economic opportunity; meeting of basic human needs; infrastructure development);
  • Establishment of cooperatives and enterprises for economic activities; wealth creation; productive use of assets;
  • Non-farm activities for strengthening of rural livelihoods;
  • Leadership training, social facilitation and familiarity with CRDP objectives; socio-economic independence.
  • Skills development and employment creation (youth, women, people living with disabilities);
  • Democratisation of rural development, participation and ownership of all processes, projects and programmes by rural communities;
  • Co-ordination, alignment and cooperative governance (Local Municipalities, Traditional Councils, Provincial Government and rural communities);
  • Participation of Non-Governmental Organisations including faith-based organisations, Community- Based Organisations and other organs of civil society;
  • Social cohesion and access to human and social capital.
The key mandate of the former Department of Land Affairs has been made an integral part of the Agrarian Transformation System, and the programme forms part of a three-legged strategy which aims to ensure that the department achieves its objectives. The first leg – sustainable land and agrarian transformation: The aim is to increase agricultural production through the optimal and sustainable use of natural resources and appropriate technologies to ensure food security, dignity and improved rural livelihoods. This will subsequently lead to vibrant local economic development. The second leg – rural development: This focus is on improving both economic infrastructure (such as roads, community gardens, food production, fencing for agriculture, etc.) and social infrastructure (e.g., communal sanitation, and non-farming activities). To successfully achieve this, ownership of processes, projects and programmes is vital. The third leg – land reform based on restitution, redistribution and land tenure reform: Deliberate and intensified post-settlement support is available to ensure that land transferred to black South Africans contributes to the fight against poverty, by ensuring food security and underpinning economic and social transformation in rural areas. Land reform remains critical to the comprehensive development of South Africa’s rural areas and the government’s recapitalisation and development of land reform projects, currently in distress, bears testimony to this. Key priorities
  • To roll out the CRDP to all rural municipalities;
  • To improve productivity in land reform projects through effective implementation of the Recapitalisation and Development Programme (RADP);
  • To expedite the finalisation of land claims;
  • To improve corporate governance and ensure enhanced service delivery;
  • To implement proper change management and innovation strategies; and
  • To enhance the efficiency of information management systems.
Through the implementation of this strategy, the department aims to achieve its goal of social cohesion. This Mid-term Review highlights the progress of the department in implementing its strategy and achieving its objective.
Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

Eastern Cape District Office

Name Position Email Phone
Ms Nomkhitha Zokufa Deputy Director: OR Tambo District (REID Office) Nomkhitha.Zokufa@drdlr.gov.za 043 700 7020
Mr Patrick Maqabangqa Deputy Director: Cacadu District (REID Office) Patrick.Maqabangqa@drdlr.gov.za 041 363 7888
Ms Xoliswa Nyathi Deputy Director: Amathole (Land Reform) Xoliswa.Nyathi@drdlr.gov.za 043 722 1762
Ms Malerato Molokoane Deputy Director: Chris Hani (Land Reform) Malerato.Molokoane@drdlr.gov.za 045 839 2296
Mr Mxolisi Ngangani Deputy Director: Joe Gqabi (Land Reform) Mxolisi.Ngangani@drdlr.gov.za 045 839 2296
Mr Nicholas Matebese Deputy Director: OR Tambo (Land Reform) Nicholas.Matebese@drdlr.gov.za 047 532 5959
Mr Sebetso Thoka Deputy Director: Alfred Nzo (Land Reform) Sebetso.Thoka@drdlr.gov.za 047 532 5959
Mr Henk Prinsloo Deputy Director: Cacadu (Land Reform) Henk.Prinsloo@drdlr.gov.za 041 363 7888
Mr Solomzi Zungula Deputy Director: Amathole (REID) Solomzi.Zungula@drdlr.gov.za 043 700 7015
Mr Ndiliswa Maswana Deputy Director: Chris Hani (REID) Ndiliswa.Maswana@drdlr.gov.za 045 839 2296
Ms Cebisa Goboza Deputy Director: Amathole (RID) Cebisa.Goboza@drdlr.gov.za 043 700 7044
Ms Namhla Libalele Deputy Director: OR Tambo & Alfred Nzo (RID) Namhla.Libalele@drdlr.gov.za 047 532 5959
Ms Phakama Booi Deputy Director: Cacadu (RID) Phakama.Booi@drdlr.gov.za 041 363 7888

Eastern Cape PSSC Offices

Name Position Email Phone
Mr Mathemba Gcasamba Acting Chief Director: Eastern Cape Provincial Office Mathemba.Gcasamba@drdlr.gov.za 043 700 7003
Mr Johan Badenhorst Head of Programmes: Eastern Cape (Deeds in King Williams Town) Johan.Badenhorst@drdlr.gov.za 043 642 2741
Mr Zukile Pityi Head of Programme: Eastern Cape Restitution Office Zukile.Pityi@drdlr.gov.za 043 700 6006
Mr Ayanda Ngqandu Head of Programmes: Eastern Cape REID Office Ayanda.Ngqandu@drdlr.gov.za 043 700 7018
Ms Tam-tam Gobozi Head of Programmes: Eastern Cape RID Office Tam-tam.Gobozi@drdlr.gov.za 043 700 7013
Mr Nkululeko Mantanga Head of programmes: Eastern Cape Deeds (in uMthatha) Office Nkululeko.Mantanga@drdlr.gov.za 047 531 2151
Ms Peliwe Njemla Head of Programmes: Eastern Cape Land Reform Office Peliwe.Njemla@drdlr.gov.za 043 700 7000
Mr Andile Cekiso Head of Programmes: Eastern Cape SPLUM Office Andile.Cekiso@drdlr.gov.za 043 722 0536
Mr Chris Williams-Wynn Head of Programmes: Eastern Cape Surveyor General Office chris.williamswynn@drdlr.gov.za 043 783 1424
Ms Dudu Nghona Head of Programmes: Eastern Cape Finance & SCM Office Dudu.Nghona@drdlr.gov.za 04 3701 8103
Mr Mandayi Rala Head of Programmes: Eastern Cape NARYSEC Office Mandayi.Rala@drdlr.gov.za 043 700 7051

Free State District Office

Name Position Email Phone
Nchapi Mpiti Acting Deputy Director: Thabo Mofutsanyana District (Land Reform) MENchapi@ruraldevelopmen.gov.za 082 308 7970
Gosego Maselwanyana Deputy Director : Lejweleputswa District (Land Reform) glmaselwanyana@ruraldevelopment.gov.za 082 827 5983
Napo Thejane Acting Deputy Director: Fezile Dabi District (Land Reform) NAThejane@ruraldevelopment.gov.za 082 334 6123
Mr Kagiso Moroka Acting District Manager Xhariep Kagiso.Moroka@drdlr.gov.za
Ms Makwadi Moloi District Manger: Mangaung Metro Makwadi.Moloi@drdlr.gov.za
Ms Nobesuthu Moshologu District Manger: Thabo Mofutsanyane Nobesutu.Mashologu@drdlr.gov.za

Free State PSSC Offices

Name Position Email Phone
Mr Pule Sekawana Chief Director: PSSC Pule.Sekawana@drdlr.gov.za 051 400 4272
Ms Juanita Fortuin Head of Programme: Restitution Juanita.Fortuin@drdlr.gov.za 051 403 0700
Mr Mapurunyane Bapela Head of Programme: REID Mapurunyane.Bapela@drdlr.gov.za 051 400 4200
Mr Nasele Mehlomakulu Head of Programme: RID Nasele.Mehlomakulu@drdlr.gov.za 051 400 4200
Ms Carlize Knoesen Head of Programme: DEEDS Carlize.knoesen@drdlr.gov.za 051 430 0300
Mr Steven Modise Head of Programme: Land Reform Steven.Modise@drdlr.gov.za 051 400 4200
Mr Stephanus Minnie Head of Programme: SPLUM Stephanus.Minnie@drdlr.gov.za 051 410 5800
Ms Rosalind Mdubeki Head of Programmes: NGI Rosalind.Mdubeki@drdlr.gov.za 051 448 0955
Mr Serame Mzizi Director Corporate Support Services Serame.Mzizi@drdlr.gov.za
Mr David Keofitlhetse Director Finance and Supply Chain modise.keofitlhetse@drdlr.gov.za
Mrs Maipato Sakhele Acting Director RID Maipato.Sakhele@drdlr.gov.za
Mr David Maqheku Mngcolwani Acting Registrar of Deeds David.Mngcolwani@drdlr.gov.za

Gauteng District Office

Name Position Email Phone
Ms Lerato Molaudzi Tshwane Metro (REID) Lerato.Molaudzi@drdlr.gov.za 012 310 6551
Ms Kgaladi Nchabeleng West Rand District (REID) Kgaladi.Nchabeleng@drdlr.gov.za 012 310 6542
Mr Mzwanele Tola Sedibeng District (REID) Mzwanele.Tola@drdlr.gov.za 012 310 6521
Mr Gabriel Tharaga Gauteng (RID) Gabriel.Tharaga@drdlr.gov.za 012 432 4242
Mr Koena Matlala Gauteng (RID) Koena.Matlala@drdlr.gov.za 012 432 4269
Ms Vicky Tobo Ekurhuleni Metro (NARYSEC) Vicky.Tobo@drdlr.gov.za 012 310 6543
Gauteng PSSC Offices
Name Position Email Phone
Ms Rachel Masango Contact Head: Gauteng Provincial Office rachel.masango@drdlr.gov.za 012 432 4294
Ms Anida Vorster Head of Programme: REID Office anida.vorster@drdlr.gov.za 012 310 6526
Mr Ndivhuho Ranwedzi Head of Programme: RID Office Ndivhuho.Ranwedzi@drdlr.gov.za 012 432 4258
Mr Simphiwe Mlangeni Head of Programme: NARYSEC siphiwe.mlangeni@drdlr.gov.za 012 310 6603
Ms Makaziwe Mhlangu Head of Programme: Johannesburg Deeds Registry makaziwe.mahlangu@drdlr.gov.za 011 483 8305
Mr Samfana Mahlangu Head of Programme: Land Tenure samfana.mahlangu@drdlr.gov.za 012 432 4277
Ms Madeleen Muller Head of Programme: Splum madeleen.muller@drdlr.gov.za 012 432 4200
Mr Jullian Williamson Head of Programme: NGI Julian.Williamson@drdlr.gov.za 012 303 1601

KwaZulu-Natal District Office

Name Position Email Phone
Mr Mqiniseni Zuma Acting Deputy Director: iLembe, uThungulu and uMkhanyakude (Restitution) Mqiniseni.Zuma@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 8468
Mr Mnyamelezi Dlamini Deputy Director: Amajuba & Zululand District (Restitution) mnyamezeli.dlamini@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 8400
Mr Collin Ndlela Deputy Director: Restitution (Harry Gwala and Ugu Districts) Collin.Ndlela@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 8400
Ms Neli Magubane Deputy Director: Uthukela & Umzinyathi District (Restitution) nelisiwe.magubane@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 8400
Ms Babhekile Mpisane Deputy Director: Ethekwini & Umgungundlovu District (Restitution) babhekile.mpisane@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 8400
Ms Sizile Mthalane Deputy Director: Vryheid District (REID) sizile.mthalane@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 3383
Ms Thulisile Msomi Deputy Director: Ladysmith Disdrict (REID) thulisile.msomi@drdlr.gov.za 031 307 3115
Mr Phakamile Nobula Deputy Director: Port Shepstone District (Land Reform) phakamile.nobula@drdlr.gov.za 039 682 2295
Ms Thembeka Ndlovu Deputy Director: Richards Bay District (Land Reform) thembeka.ndlovu@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 4300
Mr Sandile Mngomezulu Acting Deputy Director: Vryheid/Newcaslte (Land Reform) sandile.mngomezulu@drdlr.gov.za 034 980 9469
Ms Zama Molefe Deputy Director: Pietermaritzburg (Land Reform) zama.molefe@drdlr.gov.za 033 392 0650
Ms Thamaray Pillay Deputy Director: Legal Services thamaray.pillay@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 4358
Mr Lindo Mkhwanazi Deputy Director: RECAP lindokuhle.mkhwanazi@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 4347
Mr Denver Ince Deputy Director: Property Management Denver.Ince@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 4314
Mr Simphiwe Buthelezi Deputy DirectorL SPLUM simphiwe.buthelezi@drdlr.gov.za 033 264 1417/1400
Ms Nonceba Jali Director: SGO Nonceba.Jali@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 2923
N.T Dladla Director: SGO ntdladla@ruraldevelopment.gov.za 033 355 2955

KwaZulu-Natal PSSC Offices

Name Position Email Phone
Mr Nhlanhla Mndaweni Manager: Provincial Office Nhlanhla.Mndaweni@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 4300/4354
Adv BhekiI Mbili Head of Programme: Restitution Office BhekiI.Mbili@drdlr.gov.za 033 341 2670
Mr Benedict Thabethe Head of Programme: REID Office Benedict.Thabethe@drdlr.gov.za 033 341 2600
Mr Riaz Dawjee Head of Programme: RID Office Riaz.Dawjee@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 4315
Mr Sifiso Nzuza Acting Registrar of Deeds Sifisoericstanley.Nzuza@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 6873/6810
Mr Khethukuthula Nzimande Head of Programme: Land Reform Office Khethukuthula.Nzimande@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 4391
Mr Ross Hoole Head of Programme: SPLUM Office Ross.Hoole@drdlr.gov.za 033 264 1415/1400
Ms Nondwe Monyake Manager: Surveyor-General’s Offiice Nondwe.Monyake@drdlr.gov.za 033 355 2901
Ms Nomapha Magula Head of Programme: Finance & SCM Office Nomapha.Magula@drdlr.gov.za

Limpopo District Office

Name Position Email Phone
Ms Miyelani Nkatingi Director: All Districts (Restitution) miyelani.nkatingi@drdlr.gov.za 015 287 2601
Mr Charless Neluheni Deputy Director: Mopani District (REID) Charless.Neluheni@drdlr.gov.za 015 279 3539
Ms Fhumulani Netshitomboni Deputy Director: Vhembe District (REID) Fhumulani.Netshitomboni@drdlr.gov.za 082 827 0670
Ms Maphuti Ramalla Deputy Direcctor: Capricorn & Waterberg District (REID) maphuti.ramalla@drdlr.gov.za 082 827 6027
Mr Olebogeng Aiseng Deputy Director: Capricorn District (Land Reform) olebogeng.aiseng@drdlr.gov.za 015 297 3539
Mr Michael Buys Deputy Director: Vhembe District (Land Reform) michael.buys@drdlr.gov.za 015 297 3539
Mahlako Mojapelo Deputy Director: Capricorn District (SPLUM) mojapem@cdm.org.za 015 294 1231
Mathumo Connie Planner: Vhembe District (SPLUM) mathumoc@vhembe.gov.za
Ngobeni R Manager : Mopane District (SPLUM) ngobenir@mopani.gov.za 015 811 6300

Limpopo PSSC Offices

Name Position Email Phone
Mr Julius Mashaphu Contact Head: Limpopo PSSC Office Julius.Mashaphu@drdlr.gov.za 015 297 3539
Mr Tele Maphoto Head of Programmes: Restitution Tele.Maphoto@drdlr.gov.za 015 284 6300
Ms Dikeledi Chauke Head of Programmes: REID Dikeledi.Chauke@drdlr.gov.za 015 297 3539
Mr Melton Tshililo Head of Programmes: Land Reform Melton.Tshililo@drdlr.gov.za 015 297 3539
Mr Timmy Shilenge Head of Programmes: SPLUM Timmy.Shilenge@drdlr.gov.za 015 297 5165/7/8

Mpumalanga District Office

Name Position Email Phone
Mr Molimisi Mathedimosa Head: Restitution – Ehlanzeni District molimisi.mathedimosa@drdlr.gov.za 013 756 6058
Mr Benjamin Mlomo Operations Manager: Gert Sibande District (Restitution) bonganibenjamin.bbmlomo@drdlr.gov.za 013 756 6042
Mr Patrick Lukhele Deputy Director: Gert Sibande District (REID) patrick.lukhele@drdlr.gov.za 017 819 1373
Ms Gcinani Magagula Deputy Director: Ehlanzeni District (REID) Gcinani.Magagula@drdlr.gov.za 013 752 2064
Mr Harold Skhosana Director: Nkangala District (Land Reform) Harold.Skhosana@drdlr.gov.za 013 656 0848
Mr Masters Mahlalela Deputy Director: Gert Sibande District (Land Reform) masters.mahlalela@drdlr.gov.za 017 819 1373

Mpumalanga PSSC Offices

Name Position Email Phone
Mrs Zanele Sihlangu Chief Director: PSSC zanele.sihlangu@drdlr.gov.za 013 755 3499
Mr Sam Nkosi Head of Programmes: Restitution sam.nkosi@drdlr.gov.za 013 756 6092
Mr Clement Maseko Head of Programmes: REID clement.maseko@drdlr.gov.za
Mr Angelina Mametja Head of Programmes: RID angeline.mametja@drdlr.gov.za 013 755 3499
Mr Rendani Mukhakhululi Registrar of Deeds rendani.mukhakhululi@drdlr.gov.za 013 756 4000
Mr Ndodana Khumalo Acting Head of Programme: Land Tenure Systems Ndodana.Khumalo@drdlr.gov.za 013 755 3499
Mr Simanga Nkosi Head of Programmes: SPLUM simanga.nkosi@drdlr.gov.za 013 752 3785

Northern Cape PSSC Offices

Name Position Email Phone
Mr Obed Mvula Chief Director: PSSC obed.mvula@drdlr.gov.za 053 830 4001
Ms Ruwayda Baulackey Acting Head of Programme: Restitution ruwayda.baulackey@drdlr.gov.za 053 807 1340
Ms Boitumelo Molete Head of Programme: REID boitumelo.molete@drdlr.gov.za 053 830 4048
Mr David Mngcolwani Head of Programmes: Deeds david.mngcolwani@drdlr.gov.za 053 832 7228
Ms Kgalalelo Marintlhwane Head of Programme: Land Reform kgalalelo.marintlhwane@drdlr.gov.za 053 830 4045
Mr Liezel Ahjum Head of Programmes: SPLUM liezel.ahjum@drdlr.gov.za 053 832 5084
Ms Lourette Brown Head of Programme: RID lourette.brown@drdlr.gov.za 053 830 4013
Ms Soci Gcobisa Head of Programme: FINANCE & SCM Gcobisa.Soci@drdlr.gov.za 053 830 4095

North West District Office

Name Position Email Phone
Mr Calvary Molebiemang Project Co-ordinator: Dr Ruth Semotsi Mompati District (Restitution) calvary.molebiemang@drdlr.gov.za 082 827 6247
Ms Meikie Matlala Snr Project Manager: Dr Kenneth Kaunda (Restitution) meikie.matlala@drdlr.gov.za 018 389 9659
Ms Lesego Rankokwadi Project Co-ordinator: Ngaka Mudiri Molema District (Restitution) Lesego.Rankokwadi@drdlr.gov.za 082 827 6268
Ms Matshidiso Collins Project Co-ordinator: Bojanala District (Restitution) Matshidiso.Collins@drdlr.gov.za 018 389 9600
Ms Batlang Lekalake Deputy Director: Dr Kenneth Kaunda District (Land Reform) batlang.lekalake@drdlr.gov.za 018 462 9045
Ms Balebetse Segapo Deputy Director: Dr Ruth Semotsi Momphati District (Land Reform) balebese.segapo@drdlr.gov.za 053 927 4128
Mr Hugh Zackey Deputy Director: Bojanala District (Land Reform) Hugh.Zackey@drdlr.gov.za 018 252 3505
Ms Yolanda Folotsi Deputy Director: Ngaka Modiri Molema District (Land Reform) yolanda.folotsi@drdlr.gov.za 018 391 9600
North West PSSC Offices
Name Position Email Phone
Mr Richard Keothaile Chief Director PSSC: North West Richard.Keothaile@drdlr.gov.za 018 397 7600
Mr. Lengane Bogatsu Head of Programmes: Restitution lengane.bogatsu@drdlr.gov.za 018 389 9649
Ms Mmabatho Ndala Head of Programme: REID mmabatho.ndala@drdlr.gov.za 018 397 7619
Mr Mosela Phayane Head of Programme: RID mosela.phayane@drdlr.gov.za 018 397 7662
Ms Mosenki Lemme Head of Programmes: DEEDS mosenkitheresa.lemme@drdlr.gov.za 053 927 1076
Mr Therekele Mashiloane Head of Programmes: Land Reform therekele.mashiloane@drdlr.gov.za 018 397 7609
Mr Sam Dagane Head of Programmes: SPLUM sam.dagane@drdlr.gov.za 018 397 7609
Mr Thapelo Sekawana Head of Programme: NARYSEC thapelo.sekawana@drdlr.gov.za 018 397 7600
Mr Nkosinomusa Dludla Head of Programme: Surveyor General Nkosinomusa.Dludla@drdlr.gov.za 012 303 1612

Western Cape District Office

Name Position Email Phone
Ms Nomsa Tame Acting District Manager: Worcester District (Land Reform) Nomsa.Tame@drdlr.gov.za 023 342 0107
Ms Rudzani Lithole District Manager: Overberg District (Land Reform) Rudzani.Lithole@drdlr.gov.za 028 424 1332
Mr Glenville Smith Acting District Manager : George & Beaufort West District (Land Reform) Glenville.Smith@drdlr.gov.za 044 874 1839
Mr Jacques Pheiffer Deputy Director: Clanwilliam District (Land Reform) Jacques.Pheiffer@drdlr.gov.za 027 482 2085
Ms Nomsa Tame_ Acting District Manager: Stellenbosch District (Land Reform) Nomsa.Tame@drdlr.gov.za 021 887 7448
Mr Themba Maluleka Acting District Manager: West Coast Distric Themba.Maluleke@drdlr.gov.za 027 482 2083
Mr Themba Maluleka_ Acting District Manager: Central Karoo Themba.Maluleke@drdlr.gov.za 023 414 2333/3220
Mr Themba Maluleka__ Acting District Manager: Eden Disitrict Themba.Maluleke@drdlr.gov.za 044 874 1839/1878

Western Cape PSSC Offices

Name Position Email Phone
Ms Juanita Fortuin Chief Director PSSC WC Juanita.Fortuin@drdlr.gov.za 021 409 0330
Mr D Smit Acting Chief Director: Office of the Regional Land Claims Commissioner Juwairiah.Dreyer@drdlr.gov.za 021 409 0302
Mr Kasavel Pillay Registrar of Deeds: Cape Town Kasavel.Pillay@drdlr.gov.za 021 464 7726
Mr John Obree Surveyor-General: Western Cape John.Obree@drdlr.gov.za 021 467 4800
Dr Derek Clarke Chief Director: NGI Derek.Clarke@drdlr.gov.za 021 658 4301
Mr Ngwanatau Seroka Director: Finance and Supply Chain Management Ngwanatautennies.Seroka@drdlr.gov.za 021 409 0318
Ms Nina Brito Director: REID Nina.Brito@drdlr.gov.za 021 409 0339
Mr Jacques Pheiffer Director: Land Reform Jacques.Pheiffer@drdlr.gov.za 021 487 7448
Ms Leona Bruiners Director: SPLUM Leona.Bruiners@drdlr.gov.za 021 409 0340
Mr Jimmy Freysen Director: RID Jimmy.Freysen@drdlr.gov.za
Mr Zonwabile Bastile Director: Corporate Support Services Zonwabele.Bastile@drdlr.gov.za 021 409 0300
Mr Nyameko Mgoqi Director: Social Organisation and Youth Development Nyameko.Mgoqi@drdlr.gov.za 021 409 0337
Mr Phumzile Simelela Director: Property Management Phumzile.Simelela@drdlr.gov.za 021 409 0519
Mr David Smit Director: Restitution David.Smit@drdlr.gov.za 021 409 0301
Mr Lubabalo Mbekeni Director: Service Delivery Cordination for PSSC Western Cape lubabalo.mbekeni@drdlr.gov.za 021 409 0500