HMS Establishment

Hygiene Management System (HMS) Establishment

HMS is an acronym used when referring to the Hygiene Management System as required by the regulations under the Meat Safety Act, 2000 (Act no. 40 of 2000). All abattoir owners must provide the Provincial Executive Officer with a documented HMS in terms of these regulations. The RMAA can assist with the establishment of a HMS in accordance with the regulations and the operating practices at an abattoir.

The HMS comprises the following main components:

  • Control measures or programmes to monitor identified control points
  • Methods of monitoring or checking these control points
  • Relevant records of observations, checks, measurements or results
  • Sampling programmes for laboratory analyses
  • Corrective actions
  • Hygiene Assessment System (HAS) reports
  • 14 Hygiene Management Programs (HMP’s) for the respective operational procedures at the abattoir
  • Training regarding various aspects which form part of the HMS

During a period of approximately 5 days, all documents are personalized for the specific abattoir at the RMAA offices and at the abattoir. A policy as well as various procedures and checklists are prepared according to information provided by the abattoir and observations made at the abattoir. Copies of abattoir plans are used to indicate required information.

Existing documentation is assessed and grouped according to the framework of the HMS into a new filing system. During the abattoir visit, shortcomings in the system are highlighted. A discussion session is held with the responsible personnel to explain the new system and an electronic format of the system is saved for use by the abattoir.

Routine slaughter training is also conducted to ensure that slaughter operators follow the current best practices to ensure neat and hygienic slaughtering. A support service contract may be agreed upon which will ensure assistance regarding the ongoing HMS process.

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