SAMIC: South African Meat Industry Company

SAMIC is a quality assurance company which was created by the Red Meat Industry of South Africa to ensure the quality and safety of meat in South Africa. At SAMIC we believe in world class standards of quality audits, inspections and outstanding service performance.

The National Department of Agriculture appointed SAMIC as Assignee for the purpose of the application of sections 3(1)(a) and (b) and 8 of the Agricultural Product Standards Act (no 119 of 1990) with regards to the classification and marking of meat intended for sale in the Republic of South Africa. The SAMIC coordinators operating across the country perform this duty with full commitment to consumers, farmers, abattoir owners and meat traders to ensure always 100% integrity in our product – beef, lamb and pork. It is therefore important that no fraudulent activities will go unpunished and that the playing field stays level.

Tel: (012) 361-4545
Fax: (012) 361-9837
Website: www.samic.co.za