About Us

The Red Meat Abattoir Association (RMAA) is an independent membership-based organisation, which was established in February 1991 with its primary aim being training at all abattoirs in South Africa. The Association is a representative forum for red meat abattoir owners in South Africa and aims to establish communication and co-operation between the members of the Association in order to determine a co-ordinated opinion on matters of general, as well as specific, importance. The Association provides members with specific and general information and technology regarding all aspects of the industry and related activities and renders services to advance and promote the industry. The red meat abattoir industry currently comprises of approximately 470 abattoirs ranging from rural to high throughput. The Meat Safety Act, 2000 (Act 40 of 2000) addresses measures to promote the safety of meat and animal products and to establish and maintain Essential National Standards in respect of all abattoirs in SA. Consideration is always given to national and international guidelines and regulatory requirements in the rendering of training and other services to the industry. The RMAA interacts on a regular basis with various stakeholders including companies, suppliers, customers, tertiary institutions and government departments and is represented on various industry committees, organisations, associations, forums etc.


We serve abattoir owners by:

  • providing specialised training and technical support,
  • distributing relevant information and
  • representing owner’s interest

to secure standards of meat safety and quality to the benefit of the red meat industry and the consumer.

Strategic Objectives

  • Promote meat safety and Essential National Standards as provided for in the Meat Safety Act, 2000 (Act no. 40 of 2000).
  • Provide applicable training to ensure the highest standards of animal handling and meat safety and quality.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of hygiene management programs in abattoirs.
  • Participate actively in the establishment of the skills development framework in the meat industry.
  • Represent the interests of members on forums relating to the abattoir industry.
  • Assist in the enhancement of meat hygiene awareness in rural communities.
  • Create an environment conducive to the continuing education of abattoir personnel.