Food Safety Lead Auditor

Dear prospective delegate.

Thank you for your interest in the ISO 22000 Auditor/Food Safety Lead Auditor Course.

As this course is registered with the Southern African Auditor and Training Certification Association (www.saatca.co.za), it is imperative that you are aware of the pre-requisites which you need to comply with to be adequately prepared.

This course is intended for experienced food safety professionals i.e. the ideal candidate has worked in the food industry for at least 4 years and has been involved in food safety management systems as a core function. Prior to registering for the Lead auditor course you must conduct at least a 5-day course in ISO 22000 related to Understanding & Implementation to the related standard. (including HACCP), PRP/HMS course of 4 days.

We assume that you intend to register as an auditor with SAATCA and as such you need to understand the requirements for registration and how they relate to attendance on this course.

SAATCA require the following for food safety auditors:

  1. A post matric food related qualification
  2. At least 4 years work experience in the food industry in food safety
    management systems
  3. Training in food related microbiology if not part of your qualification 1 Day
  4. Training in food related legislation/regulations
  5. Training in Pre-requisite programs or GMP’s
  6. ISO 22000 5-day course with Understanding & Implementation
  7. Training in HACCP in terms of SANS 10330
  8. Training in auditing techniques according to ISO 19011 which is where THIS course comes in.
  9. An audit log of at least 20 audits totaling 120 audit hours (for auditor level)

(Please note you cannot register with SAATCA as a lead auditor unless you have met these requirements and then fulfilled additional audit requirements as a lead auditor)

In order to have the maximum benefit from this course, you should ideally have already complied with requirements 1-7 of the above list. We urgently suggest that you ensure you have attended these training components as a pre-requisite to this course.

We would love to have you on training but we do not want the pre-requisite knowledge of the audit standards such as SANS 10049, SANS 10330, ISO 22000 and the Meat Safety Act 2000 to be overwhelming if you have not previously been trained on these standards.

Please also note that knowledge of the standards is evaluated daily with closed book tests which contribute to the overall course assessment.