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RMAA Newsflash – 13 May 2020



RMAA Newsflash – Guidance for Abattoir Worker – 08 May 2020

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RMAA Newsflash – Guidance for Abattoir Worker (Zulu version)  – 2020-04-28


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RMAA Newsflash – Guidance for Abattoir Worker (Tshwana version)  – 2020-04-17


Dear Abattoir Owners
Video guidelines in Tswana for Abattoir Personnel

South Africa is in the 22nd day of a National Lockdown period. Thank you for your diligent effort in providing an essential service during this difficult time for the industry.

In the GUIDELINES FOR THE SOUTH AFRICAN RED MEAT ABATTOIR INDUSTRY issued on 30th March 2020, a specific section was dedicated to guidance for abattoir personnel. This information in now also contained in a Tswana video presentation available to be downloaded. It is very important that this video is presented to your abattoir workers for their information to ensure adherence to COVID 19 guidelines.





RMAA Newsflash COVID-19 – 02 April 2020