SANCU: South African National Consumer Union

A united responsible voice, the South African National Consumer Union is a voluntary autonomous body that today represents millions of consumers. Its membership extends from the vitally important grass-roots support of leading women’s organisations such as the various Women’s Agricultural Unions, the National Council of Women of South Africa, through to influential bodies such as the DENOSA, the Association of Retired Persons and Pensioners, KONTAK, etc. Being an independent organisation, the Consumer Union speaks with authority on behalf of all consumers. Its opinions are sought by manufacturers, retailers, the agricultural sector, the SA Bureau of Standards and Government. It works in close co-operation with all the above where the interest of the consumer is concerned. Its policy has always been one of communication and consultation before confrontation. It aims to build up consumers’ awareness of their rights, responsibilities and bargaining powers through education, information and protection.

They work to a very simple motto and mission: “CONSULTATION BEFORE CONFRONTATION”

  1. To form a united consumer front in South Africa that will co-ordinate all views on consumer-related matters of general and specific concern.
  2. To pursue issues that are in the interest of consumers and can contribute to a healthy and stable national economy.
  3. To resolve the problems of consumers satisfactorily. To lobby continually for the establishment of effective complaint handling mechanisms.
  4. To liaise continually to bring about healthy relationships among consumers, producers, commerce, industry, financial institutions and the Government.
  5. To keep all sectors of the consumers and the suppliers of goods and services informed of matters that concern them to educate them as to their legal rights and obligations.
  6. To encourage, strengthen and broaden the consumer movement in South Africa.
  7. To strive continually to maintain a well-informed consumer community regarding matters that affect them. Bi-monthly meetings of SANCU create a valuable forum where consumer matters are discussed on a regular basis by all affected parties.
  8. To co-operate with other organisations, locally and overseas.
  9. To submit the co-ordinated opinion of consumers to the Government and other relevant bodies for action.
  10. To organise the consumers of South Africa into a united front by inviting membership from all sectors of the community. To invite producers, commerce, industry, regulatory bodies and non-governmental organisations to become members of the Union.

Contact Details

SANCU – PO Box 27852, Sunnyside 0132, Pretoria, South Africa.

Phone: (012) 428-7122

Fax: 086 672 8585

Email: sancu@sabs.co.za

Website www.sancu.co.za

Office Hours 08:30 – 13:00