Kentmaster is the South African distributor of Accles & Shelvoke

Accles & Shelvoke manufacture precision engineered cartridge powered penetrative and non-penetrative captive bolt stunners for the humane stunning of animals before slaughter. The company’s success is built on innovative engineering solutions, rigorous performance testing, investment in new products, and the assurance of the most reliable cartridge powered tools in the world.

Since the launch of the CASH captive bolt stunning tool in 1913, Accles & Shelvoke have led the captive bolt stunning industry. The tool was developed to safely and effectively induce unconsciousness in animals prior to slaughtering and processing.

The CASH Special tool is still in use today and is the world’s most popular pistol shaped captive bolt stunner. It is part of a range which now includes cylindrical designs, concussion heads, retracting and free flight bolts, contact fire and trigger fire options. Together they comprise the most effective, portable and dependable stunners on sale in the world.

  • All Accles & Shelvoke tool will assist customers to comply with Part V of the South African Red Meat Regulation 2004.
  • All Accles & Shelvoke tools are CE compliant to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EEC
  • All cartridges conform to CIP and to ISO9001 quality standard

 Accles & Shelvoke Tools Range

The Accles & Shelvoke stunning tools use cartridges to fire a penetrating captive bolt, rendering the animal insensitive to pain prior to the slaughtering process. Choosing the right tool is essential, with an effective stun leading to improved meat quality, ease of handling, reduced stress to the animal and compliance with animal welfare regulations.



The latest edition of CASH Special was launched in 1981, following a long line of pistol shaped tools. It has an ergonomic and easy to use design, with the pistol grip and trigger operated firing mechanism maximising comfort. Two positive actions are required to cock the tool to increase safety, and automatic bolt return increases the speed of operation.

The CASH Special comes in 2 variations of penetrative and concussion bolt heads.


The CASH Magnum’s proven cylindrical shape provides excellent performance ensured by its durable construction and reliable cartridges in wide range of calibres. The Magnum range comprises of four tools of different strengths and features. All Magnum tools can be fitted with a Stop Fire (SF) mechanism, a feature which adds an additional layer of safety to the tool.

CASH Magnum Auto

Versatile, powerful and instinctively easy to use, the CASH Magnum Auto is one of the most popular stunning tools in the Accles 7 Shelvoke cylindrical shaped tools range. Its bolt automatically returns after firing to increase the speed of use. It can be used with a wide range of cartridges and calibres.

CASH Magnum XL

The CASH Magnum XL is the world’s most powerful penetrating captive bolt stunner. It is capable of stunning the largest farmed animals and is also suitable for use on other large animals, such as bulls and very heavy sows and boars. Its free flight bolt allows for the delivery of the strongest possible stun.

CASH Magnum FreeFlight

The CASH Magnum Free Flight provides maximum energy transfer through its free flight bolt. It is Trigger fired with an easy to handle design. It is operated by simply rotating from the ‘safe’ to the ‘fire’ position when required.

CASH Magnum Concussion

The CASH Magnum Concussion is the perfect tool for the non-penetrative stunning of a diverse range of livestock. The tool combines a concussive head with the stunning energy of a wide range of .25” cartridges. This stunner can be used with most animals, from piglets to extremely heavy animals such as large bulls. The power of the tool is aided by the free flight bolt which allows the full force of the cartridge to be transferred to the animal.


The CASH Cowpuncher is a stunner designed specifically for cattle. It has an extremely robust cylindrical design with positive ‘no fire’ safety system and automatic bolt return.

Its unique contact fire system ensures maximum bolt penetration. It also comes with long handle option which allows for extended reach when using the tool.


The CASH Small Animal Tool is a non-penetrative stunning tool which can be used on small animals such as chickens, turkeys, geese, newborn piglets and lambs. It works by administering a blow to the head of the animal.

The tool comes with a choice of two concussion heads – the flat-faced head for broilers and hens, and the convex head intended for turkeys and other small animals.

It is a lightweight and well-balanced tool which can also be used as a portable tool to assist with casualty slaughter of sick or injured animals.


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