DALRRD Provincial Animal Health Contacts, VPH & PEO

Provincial Animal Health Contacts, VPH & PEO
Eastern Cape
Private Bag X0040 Bisho 5605
Name Title Number  Email Sub-Directorate
L. Mrwebi Dr. 0406093547 [email protected] Chief Director
VE Rozane Dr. 0436054227 [email protected] Deputy Director Veterinary Public Health & PEO
Mnqeta Dr. 0436054200 [email protected] Director Veterinary services
JJ van Niekerk Dr. 0414026252 [email protected] SV VPH
S Kamudyairwa Dr. 0516333011 [email protected] SV VPH
Z Mazwi Mr. 0475027717 [email protected] CoVPHO
G Jamani Ms 0397374911 [email protected] CoVPHO
V Ngadla Mrs 0458078013 [email protected] CoVPHO
RA Manamela Ms 0437068735 [email protected] CoVPHO
T Zito Mr. 0414026253 [email protected] CoVPHO
N Ntobela Ms [email protected] VPHO
T Cele Ms [email protected] VPHO
N Khunyana Ms [email protected] VPHO
C Dina [email protected] VPHO
K Jack Ms [email protected] VPHO
M Pockbass Mrs [email protected] VPHO
Z Manzi Mr. [email protected] VPHO
S Makhasi Ms [email protected] VPHO
M Kemp Mr. [email protected] VPHO
S Tshayingwe Ms [email protected] VPHO
B Mjuza Mr. [email protected] VPHO
J Distin Mr. [email protected] VPHO
S.W. Mantjies Mr. [email protected] VPHO
J Cetywayo Ms [email protected] VPHO
Cebisa Luxolo Mnqeta Dr. 0436054205 [email protected] Senior Manager: Director for Veterinary Services
 Free State
PO Box 6252  Bloemfontein 9300
Name Title Number  Email Sub-Directorate
KJ Mojapelo Dr. 0514363677 [email protected]  Director Veterinary services
VPH – 36A Dan Pienaar, Bloemfontein, Free State
S Mutsinze Dr. 0514363677 [email protected]; [email protected] VPH & PEO
Erna van Staden Ms 0514363677 [email protected] Admin Officer
Wally Derbyshire 0514363677 [email protected]
PO Box 8769 Johannesburg 2000
Name Title Number  Email Sub-Directorate
Malcolm de BUDE Dr. 0112402559 [email protected] Chief Director: Veterinary Services and Natural Resource Management & PEO
Dietana Nemudzivhadi Dr. 0113551886 [email protected] Director: Animal Health Production, Advisory and Support Services
Alan Kalake Dr. 0113551886 [email protected] Director: Animal Health Management and Services
Ambrose Kyandi Dr. 0114114300 [email protected]  Deputy director: Export Facilitation
Dirk van der Merwe Mr. 0114114300 [email protected] Assistant director: Export Facilitation
Wynton Rabolao Dr. 0113551987 [email protected] Director: Veterinary Public Health and Export Facilitation
Yemi Akerele Dr. 0112402500 [email protected] Deputy director: VPH
Private Bag X6005 Hilton 3245; Private Bag X1048 Richards Bay 3900
Name Title Number  Email Sub-Directorate
T A Sikhakhane Dr. 0333438300/17 [email protected]  Director: Veterinary Services South & PEO
D I Mtshali Dr. 0357806705 [email protected]  Director: Veterinary Services North
Sashi Ramrajh Dr. [email protected]; [email protected]
Warren Dr. 0333438319 [email protected] VPH
Jabulani Mvelase 0333438433 [email protected]
Leonie van Aswegen 0333438321 [email protected] 
Private Bag X9487, Polokwane 7000 16 Reitz Street, Sonheuwel, Nelspruit
Name Title Number  Email Sub-Directorate
RL Mampane Dr. 0152943109 [email protected]; [email protected] Director Veterinary services & PEO
PJ Loock Dr. 0152943064
Dr J Mentz 0152972025 [email protected] Line Manager
Private Bag X11309 Nelspruit 1200
Name Title Number  Email Sub-Directorate
N V  Mnisi Dr. 0137413218 [email protected] Director: Animal Health, acting Chief Director
Lucas B Cele Dr. 0137413218 [email protected] Director: Veterinary Specialised Services & PEO
Dirk Uys 0137413218 [email protected] 
North West Province
Private Bag X2039 Mmabatho 2735
Name Title Number  Email Sub-Directorate
P. Mokaila Dr. 0183895723 [email protected] Chief Director: Agricultural Support Services; H.O.D.
Langa S. Madyibi Dr. 0183895102 [email protected]  Director Veterinary services & PEO
L. Kgatswetswe Dr 0183895562 [email protected]  Head Office – VPH
Y. Magano Ms 0182895989 [email protected]  Head Office
M.D. Nkosi Mr. 0183895037 [email protected]  Regional Office
S.J. Ngakantsi Ms 0183895017 [email protected]  Regional Office
M.A. Morwe Mr. 0183813449 [email protected]  State Vet. Mahikeng
M.L. Matabologa Ms. 0186324061 [email protected]  State Vet. Ditsobotla
G.R. Dlamini Ms. 0813633144 [email protected]  State Vet. Ramotshere Moiloa
 M.S. Modise Ms. 0539272274/5 State Vet. Naledi
K.Y. Matsietsa Ms. 053433 0566 [email protected]  State Vet. Lekwa Taemane
 P. M. Maredi Mr. 0539983529 [email protected]  State Vet. Kagisano
J.S. Mokone Ms. 0127091101/08 [email protected]  State Vet. Madibeng
E.T. Hlongwane Ms. 0145929281 [email protected]  State Vet. Rustenburg
G.M. Mongwe Ms. 0184688398 State Vet. City of Matlosana
Rachel Dlamini 0183633624 [email protected] VPH official
Mojadi Aubrey Morwe 0183816530 [email protected] VPH official
Northern Cape
Private Bag X 5018 Kimberley 8300
Name Title Number  Email Sub-Directorate
P. Kegakilwe Dr. 0538397800/70 Director Veterinary services & PEO
Arthur Victor Dr. 0538397807 [email protected]
Melinda Kriel 0538324241 [email protected]
Eric van Rooi 0536313311 [email protected]
Western Cape
Private Bag X1, Elsenburg, 7606
Name Title Number  Email Sub-Directorate
G Msiza Dr. 0218085052 Chief Director & PEO
Delene Kivido 0285141670 [email protected]
Riaan Tertius Els 0229132947 [email protected]
Francina Swart Dr. 0285141511 [email protected]
Gininda Mzisa Dr. 0218085001 [email protected] Chief Director
Tertius Gous Dr. 0218870324 [email protected] Deputy Director Lab. Services
P Koen Dr. 0218085052 [email protected] Deputy Director Vet Health Services
C Klopper Dr. 0218085059 [email protected] Deputy Director Vet Food Safety
Marthinus Wolhuter Dr. 0218087606 [email protected] Deputy Director Vet Public Health & Export
Moeketsi Allah Mr. 0218087631 [email protected] Deputy Director
William Jephtas 0218087751 [email protected] Veterinary Public Health
Dr Vincent Henwood Dr. 0224864607 [email protected]
Victor Twala 0213610562 [email protected]
Dr Graham van Balla Dr. 0218085395 [email protected]
Elroy Plaatjies 0234142154 [email protected]
Tony Dyers 0448741632 [email protected]