Project Title

Beef tenderness model

Arthrosis with lameness in cattle

Genetics of meat characteristics in beef cattle

Nutrients in sheep offal

Nutrients in cattle offal

Supplementation to improve beta‐agonist beef quality

South African Retail Beef Quality Audit

Traceability systems for the governance of alternative sheep meat quality attributes in fresh sheep meat supply chains in South Africa

Beef cattle management and systems development for optimal production

The effect of beta agonists and animal age on beef quality

The effect of genotype on beef colour, surface morphology (texture), pathology, shelf life, tenderness and juiciness

Investigating the low income consumer’s perception towards beef and sheep meat

Price transmission in the red meat value chain ‐ The case of Bloemfontein, South Africa

Prevalence and risk factors of Shiga toxin‐producing Escherichia coli serotypes in beef at abattoirs and retail outlets in Gauteng

Effects of chilling and electrical stimulation on carcass and meat quality attributes of selected breeds of cattle with different carcass weights

Pre‐slaughter stress, animal‐related factors, stress biomarkers, nanostructure and technological properties of beef

The effects of steroidal growth implants and β‐ adrenergic agonist, alone, or in combination on feedlot performance and residues in lamb

South African retail lamb and mutton quality audit

Determination of slaughter conditions to optimise chevon visual and eating quality

Detection of quantitative trait loci affecting wet carcass syndrome in sheep

Genetic Characterisation in FMD and ASF viruses