NFMT: National Federation of Meat Traders

NFMT: National Federation of Meat Traders

 The National Federation of Meat Traders (NFMT) was formed in 1990 to represent the interests of the distributive meat trade at a national level.  The Federation is the only recognized organization which is representative of all role-players in this particular sector of the meat industry in South Africa.  Local Associations in Gauteng, Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Free State and the Eastern Cape elect Executive Committees, the Chairman of which is represented on the Executive Committee of the NFMT.  The Federation represents the interests of independent retailers’ opinions in both the established and the emergent sector, as well as independent supermarkets and national chain stores.

 The NFMT has a director on the board of the South African Meat industry Company and is a member of the Red Meat Industry Forum. It undertakes to promote, support or oppose, if necessary, according to the interests of the retail meat trade, any legislation or regulation introduced by Government. The NFMT disseminates critical information and newsworthy material to its Executive and Management Committee for redistribution to all members. The NFMT’s interest in fostering or stimulating demand for meat, offal and meat products to the benefit of its members, is documented in its constitution. Furthermore, the Federation undertakes to encourage a code of conduct toward the consumer, to command the confidence and respect of the public in general. The NFMT has developed practical and easy-to-follow instructional training videos and course material for meat cutting technicians in English, Afrikaans and Zulu, which are available on request. The NFMT has embarked on a drive to ensure that Food Safety Regulations which have been promulgated by the Government are enforced.  Currently the implementation of enforcement by the authorities is severely lacking which is to the detriment of the consumer as well as the Industry as a whole.

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