Waste Resolution Technologies (Pty) Ltd. is an innovative and dynamic South African company that specializes in the development of eco-friendly and energy efficient waste avoidance, treatment, recycling and recovery solutions.

Founded in 2008, Waste Resolution Technologies is today widely recognized as the industry leader in Alkaline Hydrolysis Technology on the African continent. WRT offers a number of unique products and processes specifically designed for the abattoir, animal by-product and medical waste industries.

Why waste Resolution Technologies?

  • Waste Resolution Technologies (WRT) has a specialized knowledge and understanding of the abattoir industry and its challenges.
  • WRT has developed technology to meet these challenges in an affordable and effective way.

Modified Atmospheric Alkaline Hydrolysis Process (MAAHP) Tissue Processor

  • WRTs MAAHP Tissue Processor effectively processes (digests and liquefies) any animal tissue, into a safe, pathogen free and stable liquid.
  • The process breaks down all animal tissue including blood into the basic building blocks of that tissue, namely
    • Amino acids
    • Small peptides
    • Sugars
    • Soap
    • mineral ash of bones and teeth.

Advantages of the MAAHP Tissue Processor

  • Allows on-site treatment of all animal tissue.
  • The complete system has a small footprint and a robust design.
  • Very low odour process.
  • MAAHP is a non burn process that is superior to incineration and burial as methods of disposal.
  • The resulting HP liquid has a commercial value and cost recovery is possible depending on the operators circumstances.

You can safely use the HP Liquid without the concern of Bio-security as a POTENTIAL INCOME in the following ways:

  • A Liquid Fertilizer

The HP Liquid is an excellent liquid fertilizer.’ The material contains macro and micro nutrients required for plant growth. It also contains complex proteins which can provide a food source for microbes in the soil and contribute to building organic matter in the soil’ – Cornelius Oosthuizen from SA Biofarm.

  • Compost Additive

The HP Liquid is an excellent compost additive and allows for easy and homogenous mixing into any basal ingredient, without the usual concerns about pathogens and bio-security.

  • Biogas Additive or Biomass Converter

The HP Liquid is also an excellent feedstock for an anaerobic digester or a biomass converter where energy recovery is the objective.

For more info about this exciting product contact:

Adriaan Gerber Sales & Marketing Manager

Cell: 083 678 4691

Fax: 086 619 5031

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