SAMPA: South African Meat Processors Association

The South African Meat Processors Association (SAMPA) was founded in 1945 and is a voluntary association of stakeholders in the meat processing and related sectors. Its objective is to serve the interest of its members involved in meat processing (chilled processed products and canning), as well as those organisations who have an interest in the sector (e.g. suppliers of spices, machinery, packaging materials and educational establishments as well as retailers). SAMPA is recognised as the nationally representative organization for the processed meat sector by authorities and is instrumental in converting voluntary standards into compulsory ones in the interest of consumer protection, product quality and food safety. SAMPA members strive to ensure that the final product on dispatch is safe for consumption and provides consumers with a nutritious and value for money experience and further, complies with the legal labelling requirements. SAMPA members endeavour to label their products in an informative manner as a service to consumers.