Listeriosis is a food-borne infection caused by Listeria bacteria. The majority of people who become infected might barely notice the illness. However, those at risk can be severely affected, and mortality rates are relatively high. Extracted from Medical News Today

A new website Listeriosis Facts was launched on 06 March to provide science-based facts on Listeria monocytogenes and listeriosis.  The website was designed for everyone to use but most importantly, consumers.  There are media and press releases (top left hand corner) which once entered, takes one to short video clips containing tips for consumers on safe handling of food.  



SA BREAKING NEWS: Health department reportedly stops Listeria testing at ports

FOOD SAFETY NEWS: Listeria outbreak likely burning out; politicians still adding fuel

PRESS READER: Imported Meat Testing Halted

POLITICAL WEB: Listeriosis: DoH halts testing of imported chicken products – Patricia Kopane

CAPE {TOWN} ETC: Officials told to stop testing imported chicken for listeria

TIMES LIVE: Government halts listeria tests on imported meat

DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE: Health Department instructs all ports to stop testing imported goods

FOOD CONSULTING SERVICES: Listeria monocytogenes testing

THE SOUTH AFRICAN: Listeriosis: Four more killed, death toll approaches 200


SABC NEWS: Listeria

FOOD SAFETY NEWS: Tiger Brands tells shareholders it found Listeria outbreak strain

BUSINESS REPORT: Pork industry dwindles after listeriosis outbreak

NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR COMMUNICABLE DISEASES: Statement Regarding the Source of the Listeriosis Outbreak

FIN24: Rights firm Spoor launches Tiger Brands class action

FIN24: Listeriosis: Class action suit against Tiger Brands, Enterprise launched in Johannesburg court

FIN24: RCL Foods facility not to blame for listeriosis outbreak – DoH

NEWS24: Listeriosis death toll upped by six to 189

WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION: Listeriosis – South Africa

FIN24: Listeria takes a bite out of trade as countries ban SA’s processed meat

TIMES LIVE: Government admits primary source of listeriosis outbreak unknown: DA

TRALAC: South Africa: Update and responses on the listeriosis outbreak

BUSINESS INSIDER: Rainbow estimates listeriosis will cost it R75 million – plus R20 million a month in profits

FIN24: Tiger brands cans 300 contract jobs

POLITICS WEB: Listeriosis: Dept admits primary source of outbreak still unknown – Patricia Kopane

FOOD QUALITY NEWS: DA: Primary source of South African Listeria outbreak not known

SUPERMARKET & RETAILER: Tiger Brands gives update on Listeria testing results

SUPERMARKET & RETAILER: Listeriosis outbreaks shuts another Tiger Brand facility

THE CONVERSATION: What led to world’s worst listeriosis outbreak in South Africa

FOOD QUALITY NEWS: Six dead in Listeria outbreak linked to frozen corn

POLOKWANE OBSERVER: “Health led consumers into a listeria hysteria” – RMIF

IONO.FM: 14 Mar Red Meat Industry Forum reacts to Listeriosis outbreak and misinformation

FOOD BUSINESS AFRICA.COM: Red meat industry body raises concerns about Listeriosis ‘misinformation’

FOOD QUALITY NEWS: Largest Listeria outbreak not a record to be proud of – MP

PROAGRI: The RMIF on the Listeriosis outbreak in SA

MAIL&GUARDIAN: Red meat industry body queries listeriosis ‘misinformation’

GLOBAL MEAT NEWS.COM: South African meat industry issues listeriosis defence

PRESS READER: Listeria hysteria unfairly damns red meat industry 

SUPERMARKET & RETAILER: Red meat industry forum comment on Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa

FIN24: Red meat industry body queries listeriosis ‘misinformation’

DIE KWÊVOЁL: Red Meat Industry Forum comment on Listeriosis Outbreak In South Africa



2018.04.05 Media Statement DAFF Minister – Role of DAFF in Listeriosis Outbreak

2018.04.05 Media Advisory SADC Health Ministers Strategic Meeting on Listeriorisis

2018.03.04 Dept of Health Update-on-Listeriosis-Press-Conference


2017.12.15 Government Gazette 41330

2017.12.05 Media Statement – Outbreak of a food borne disease Listeriosis in South Africa 



2018.07.26 Listeriosis outbreak situation report

2018.07.24 Listeriosis May&Jun 2018

2018.06.28 Euro Surveillance listeriosis outbreak in Italy 2016

2018.06.28 Anelich Consulting on Italian outbreak in 2016

2018.06.11 Listeriosis outbreak situation report_final

2018.05.28 Listeriosis outbreak situation report draft_final

2018.05.21 Listeriosis outbreak situation report draft _final

2018.05.16 Listerosis Davison Munodawafa

2018.05.16 Listeriosis Workshop by S Parring

2018.05.16 Listeriosis Emergency Response Plan Workshop Report

2018.05.16 Listeria workshop NMC Dr Mutevedzi

2018.05.16 Listeria workshop Dr McCarthy

2018.05.16 Listeria WHO Soren Madsen

2018.05.16 Listeria Laboratory Prof Duse

2018.05.16 Listeria Juno Thomas

2018.05.08 CGCSA-FSI Listeria Status Report

2018.05.04 Listeriosis outbreak situation report draft _27April 2018_fordistribution

2018.04.25 Anelich Consulting on Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa

2018.04.23 ERP_onepager final

2018.04.22 Listeriosis outbreak situation report fordistribution

2018.04.13 NICD-Situation-update-on-listeriosis-outbreak-South-Africa

2018.04.09 Anelich Consulting on Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa

2018.04.06 NICD Situation update on listeriosis outbreak South Africa

2018.04.06 NCC Newsletter March 2018-Consumer Protection and the Listeriosis Outbreak

2018.04.05 Press release – rapid Listeria SA testing – Mar 2018 TE (final)

2018.04.05 Porcus Jan-Feb-2018 Page 34,35

2018.04.05 List of Licensed HCRW Treatment Facilities

2018.04.03 CGCSA-FSI Listeria Status Report

2018.03.23 Anelich

2018.03.23 Anelich Urgent need for Micro Regs in SA

2018.03.10 RMIF Media Release – Listeriosis March 2018 Final

2018.03.08 Listeria Sitrep

2018.03.08 Anelich Consulting on Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa


2018.03.04 Anelich Consulting on Source of Listeriosis Outbreak

2018.02.27 NICD Listeria Sitrep

2018.02.27 Anelich Consulting on Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa

2018.02.26 Anelich Consulting Flyer DL emailer

2018.02.21 Anelich Consulting on Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa

2018.02.20 NICD Situation update on listeriosis outbreak South Africa

2018.02.15 Anelich Consulting on Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa

2018.02.14 NICD Listeria Sitrep

2018.02.13 RMAA Listeriose terugvoer

2018.02.01 Anelich Report

2018.01.25 NICD Situation update on listeriosis outbreak South Africa

2018.01.25 Anelich Consulting on Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa


2017.12.06 SAMPA Media Release Listeriosis

2017.12.05 Listeriosis_Clinical_Guidelines

2017.12.05 Listeriose-in-diere

2017.12.05 Anelich-Consulting-on-Listeriosis-Outbreak-in-South-Africa

2017.06.01 Listeriosis_FAQ


The Red Meat Industry has also funded research on listeriosis over recent years.

References on the RMRD SA website dates as far back as October 1992 at the time of the 7th Meat Symposium (Title: Meat science and technology in service of the Meat Industry).

1993 Volume 2s_Part6

1993 Volume 3s_Part8

2014 ES-Zoonotic foodborne pathogens in rural cattle-Madoroba


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