Independent Meat Inspection (IMI)

Following the publication of the Meat Inspection Scheme (Gazette no 40965 notice no 634), a meeting was held to discuss the implementation of the scheme. Kindly see Dr. Neethling’s comments on the meeting

The background was provided by Dr. Molefe, a presentation by Patrick Ntsibande and further clarification on the requirements of the AgriBEE scorecard by Dr. Makwena.

The questions and feedback on matters as posted as follows.

  1. Meat classification services are regarded as a part of the independent services to industry and do not affect independence.
  2. The time frame for approval of assignees after the application is 4 -6 weeks.
  3. Assignees apply at one province and indicate species, provinces with other supporting documents.
  4. A letter will be circulated to industry on nominations to the Meat Inspection Forum in order i.e. For the Forum to make recommendations as to appointments of Minister / finalize implementation date with input from industries.
  5. A minimum level 4 AgriBEE scorecard will be accepted unless this provision will negatively affect industries and when time frames will be set for compliance. Many prospective assignees are not rated in terms of AgriBEE Scorecard and an implementation phase to be proposed for compliance.
  6. Each agency must have a veterinarian employed to oversee services provided.
  7. The funding model is still to be developed and it remains the intention of Department to establish.
  8. The exemption of the game industry for a trained person during harvesting/shooting (is small scale) does not exclude the requirements for an abattoir to process this carcass or the meat inspection as applied to the category of the abattoir.
  9. All applications must be completed with accuracy and honesty to avoid later consequences on the withdrawal or remedial action at the expense of industry.
  10. Concerns were raised on possible quotas to assignees as the industry requires a free choice of assignee was a pre requisite in appointing more than one assignee.

The following recommendations were made to assist with implementation;

  • An agency to only apply to one province, with the recommendation the national department and further discussion with the other provinces on the MIF
  • The provinces were already requested to define the status of all registered abattoirs in the low throughput category, to determine the status of a frequently or infrequently slaughtering abattoir. This is to be established with the motivation of the abattoir owner.
  • The implementation time is to be determined in the MIF
  • For the MIF to discuss the option of a funding model or alternatives for this.
  • For an annual reregistration of assignees to be provided after a full audit, despite the indefinite appointment in terms of the scheme.
  • The nature of oversight or monitoring of abattoirs where exemptions to independence are allowed, to be firmly established and communicated. Note that restricted movement in such cases may be provided.

Dr. Khomotso Patrick Ntsibande

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Independent Meat Inspection (IMI)

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