Animal Welfare 

The Red Meat Abattoir Association compiled a summary document containing the laws, regulations and codes regarding animal welfare – handling and transportation of livestock.

 The following sections were discussed:

  1.   Essential National Standards
  2.   Transportation
  3.   Offloading
  4.   Structural Requirements
  5.   Lairaging
  6.   Stunning, Hoisting and Bleeding
  7.   Meat Inspection
  8.   Hygiene Management System (HMS)
  9.   Slaughter of animals for own consumption
  10. Contingency plans  

Prepared by the RMAA; Gerhard Neethling (BV. Sc)

If you are interested in or would like more information regarding this document please feel free to contact the Red Meat Abattoir Association at / 0123491237/8/9

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